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Christine Norton
Humanist Photographer

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Christine Norton Photography


Contemporary Artist in La Biennale di Venezia Issue 8 Volume 2, 2019 of World of Art Magazine,

Christine Norton is a humanist photographer from Trinidad and Tobago, focusing on documentary and mixed media fine art photography. Christine’s interest in capturing emotion, and the complexity of everyday relationships and environments leads her to continually pursue evolving forms of expressions in photography. She has a love for the master print in fine art and the quality of papers. She has benefited from the knowledge of amazing mentors through workshops by National Geographic and Nikon Mentors. Her father Noel P. Norton, Sebastian Belaustegui, Robert Rodriguez Jr, Raul Touzon and Arthur Meyerson have been critics and teachers.

She is a nationally registered photographer in Trinidad and Tobogo and has had her work published by National Geographic Traveller (UK), The Circle Arts (France), Dodho Online Magazine (USA) and UNICEF. She was the winner of the 2019 and 2017 Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago Prize in Photography, a winner of the PX3 Gold – People’s Choice Award – First Prize – Culture, 2015, PX3 Silver in the Book Series (Documentary), 2011, PX3 Bronze in the category in Press Nature Environmental, 2011.

[See:- La Biennale di Venezia Issue 8 Volume 2, 2019 of World of Art Magazine]

She has also received more than 7 Honourable Mentions between 2009 and 2017 in international photographic competitions. She exhibited her work, A New Earth, at the 2019 Clio Art Fair in New York City and made the final stage of the British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Humanity Project in 2019. Christine’s had an exhibition is on 16th-18th May 2019 at the 101 Gallery Art, Port of Spain, Trinidad, under the title: After Basquiat: Fragmented Imagery | Mischievous Thoughts.

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