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Christine Norton
Humanist Photographer

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Christine Norton Photography


My art was published on Circle Foundation for the Arts – Circle Spotlight, Contemporary Art Magazine, Issue 16. The magazine is available both online and in print, includes a unique selection of artists from around the world working in variety of media and curated together to tell the story of what art look likes today.

[Click here] to see my art on Page 60 on Circle Foundation for the arts Website, or follow this link:

“I focus on documentary and mixed media manipulated photography. My work is both objective and subjective. It is humanistic in form and expressionistic at the same time. i tend to use the photograph of the ordinary man or woman, often the fisher or market vendor, as a symbol of an island class. I want to convey empathy, attention, consideration. i sometimes add to that reality by distorting and exaggerating aspects of their lives or obstacles that stand in their way to a new path. i fantasize by using illustrations and filters, textures, multiple photographs, and written words to tell a story based on my mental pictures and external influences.”

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