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Christine Norton
Humanist Photographer

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Christine Norton Photography


After Basquiat: Fragmented Imagery | Mischievous Thoughts. These days, I find that I spend many more hours observing people, trying to understand what makes us tick and sometimes simply smiling at the way we are. I have a humanist eye for everyday life, and everyday people, and like a child, I continue to have several questions. In this exhibition I am blurring the lines between photography and art and allowing a freedom of expression.

In this way, I share a bit of the noise going on in my head using some aspects of the style of the Haitian-American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat and…with a little help of technology, the QR code.= that gives you a bit more information. I hope what I have to say also has meaning for you and that at minimum you simply enjoy the show. more than that I hope you take a piece away with you. Thank you for joining my journey.

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